Decorative Arts at Bonhams covers a wide range of specialist areas including Sculpture, Works of Art, Silver, Glass and Ceramics.

Sculpture and Works of Art auctions specialise in items ranging in date from 12th to 19th centuries dealing with a variety of materials ranging from the decorative to the functional, while Silver auctions range from antique to Post-War to modern silver including Card cases, Gold boxes, wine-related items and collectibles.

Ceramics and Glass auctions incorporate British and European porcelain and pottery by top manufacturers such as Meissen, Worcester and Sèvres as well as Maiolica and Delft. British and European glass from 1450 to 1920 and antique paperweights are also offered in specialised glass auctions.

20th Century Decorative Arts auctions incorporate all of these mediums from sculpture to glass and concentrate on Art Deco, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau design. Overall, Bonhams presents a comprehensive offering of decorative arts for all styles and tastes.

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